Our team consists of professionals with diverse backgrounds and strengths which we believe is essential to our success in supporting owners and founders as we bring their visions to life here on AscensionOne.

Our team aims to help scale projects by providing consultation and a safer place to raise seed, private, and presale funding.

  • Developers are a crucial area of strength for us.
  • Lead Developer Tony Manninen
    Tony Manninen
  • Tony Manninen, our lead developer who hails from Finland, brings over 10 years of experience in smart contract development, blockchain technology, web-site development, graphics and UI design, and IT.
  • He is a full stack developer and has been involved in blockchain developement since 2010. He has successfully launched a number of ETH, BSC and other EVM blockchain projects and he and his team have delivered over 20 IDO's, complete with KYC's and full audits.
  • He has undergone a thorough KYC by LayerOne.
  • He and his dedicated team of blockchain, smart contract, and decentralized application experts can bring your concepts to life and ensure that systems function correctly, sefely and securely.
  • Their expertise is essential to the success of AscensionOne and the projects we launch.
  • Marketing is another essential aspect of our team.
  • Marketing
    Marketing Marketing Marketing Marketing Marketing
  • The professionals we work with specialize in strategic partnerships and creative brand development, which are crucial to the growth and success of our platform.
  • We believe that a strong marketing approach is essential for engaging with communities and building lasting partnerships.
  • The expertise of others and key listings and partners are essential to the brand and success of the projects we launch.
  • Project leadership is vital.
  • Project Lead Kelvin Jones
    Kelvin Jones
  • AscensionOne is led by Kelvin Jones 
    He is a certified blockchain auditor with over 25 years of experience in IT security and infrastructure technology.
  • He has earned more than 30 internationally recognized certifications, including IT Management from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Kelvin is Canadian and spent 7 years as a specialist for United Nations organizations in Geneva Switzerland. He currently lives in South Africa and works as a senior consultant at LayerOne Cloud (Pty) Ltd.
  • He has undergone a thorough KYC by LayerOne.
  • He has also been vetted for police clearance from Canada, Switzerland, the Russian Federation, and South Africa.
  • His experience and expertise are essential to ensuring the success of our platform.